New Dynamic Disc bags now available!


Dynamic Disc has partnered with OGIO to bring three new bags into the market and are now available at your local disc golf shop. They have built a reputation in the disc golf community for their high quality and consistent products, so you can expect the same from these new bags. They are priced very competitively and according to our local shop, Play It Again Sports Beaverton, are selling like crazy!

First lets discuss the updated Ranger bag. From DD’s website “In 2 short years, the Ranger has become the go to bag for pros and amateurs alike. We decided to add some amenities based on customer feedback. The bottom of the bag is now a molded plastic bottom going 4 inches up the bag on all sides. The included rainfly will cover the top and front of the bag but still allow for easy access of the main disc compartment. The H2O also comes with a fully integrated water bladder system that can hold up to 2 liters. We have added a sleeve in between the main pocket and top pocket for that disc that gets used a ton. Additionally, the putter pocket has been expanded ever so slightly so that two discs fit snugly, yet get in and out easily. Everything that could be added to the great Ranger has brought us this exceptional addition to the most complete bag lineup.”

It looks like the really spent their time listening to what their customers wanted and made a product to reflect that. I personally have never owned a ranger bag but many of the people I play with have. I noticed that instead of rails, as are common on most bags, they instead raised the bag on each corner to keep it out of the mud. I’m interested to see how well it will balance on top of a stool, which is the way I notice most players nowadays set down their bags. I know many player claimed that the design of the last bag made it easily top heavy and would cause it to fall down when set on any sort of hill, this design though looks like it has resolved that problem with its wider base. Overall the quality and attention to detail is amazing to look at. The added bladder should free up one of the bottle holders leaving a designated space for a stool or umbrella. This new bag retails at a very nice $224.99

Ranger-H2O-Gray-Loaded Ranger-H2O-Rainhood


Next we have the Commander Backpack. 

“The bag game is changing. Until now, a player has had to trade quality for a low price but not anymore. With a 20-disc main compartment, you will not sacrifice carrying capacity for a smaller footprint. In addition, the 2 pockets on the vertical wall allow for several more discs to head out to the course. Full length zippered vertical pockets can hold all of your extra gear with room to spare. 2 bottle holders, 2 cell phone sized pockets, chair/umbrella strap, and an incredibly lightweight but durable construction will make this bag a favorite of casual and tournament players alike. Take command of your game.”

This bag seems to have been produced to compete with Innova’s new Hero pack ,Grip’s C15, and a few of the Upper park design bags at its MSRP price of $119.99. First of all, I really like the design of this bag. I looks like a hybrid of a backpack, Innova tournament bag, and an Upper Park Design bag pockets. Easily one of the most interesting bags currently on the market. From a glace, you can quickly notice the high quality of the fabric, zippers, and stitching on this bag which is impressive considering the price. The disc capacity is right up there with the Hero Pack and larger that Grip’s C14. It has designated pockets for all the essentials you might need during your round.  Definately a top choice for those looking for a mid-level bag but not quite ready to drop $300+ on a “professional” bag just yet.

Dynamic-Discs-Commander-Backpack-Dark-Gray Dynamic-Discs-Commander-Backpack-Light-Gray

The last bag is the Sniper Backpack. 

“The first entry level backpack style bag of quality has arrived. Nothing close to this style, durability, and structure has ever been available for this low of a price. Holding 16 discs in the main compartment, this is not just a “weekend” bag. It can handle all you will need on the course. With a deep top zippered pocket and internal mesh pocket to take care of all of your extras, 2 bottle holders to carry your drinks and reinforced padded backpack straps, the Sniper is ready to get on the course and take out the competition.”

This is Dynamic Disc’s most affordable bag of their new line up and it is perfect. The keyword for this bag is “Simplicity”. There are no features that blow the competition out of the water but nothing to keep you from choosing a competitor’s bag either, especially at a very affordable $69.99! It holds just the right amount of discs and the materials are excellent. The design is attractive, it’s lightweight, it is comfortable, and it’s cheap! What else could you ask for?

Sniper-Backpack-Dark-Gray Sniper-Backpack-Light-Gray

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