David Wiggins Jr with the distance record!

The disc golf community was stunned in 2012 when a 16 year old David Wiggins Jr. threw his Blizzard Champion Boss 836 ft setting the disc golf distance world record. At the time, we thought it wouldn’t get much better than that, until Simon Lizotte came along of course. Lizotte, known as having one of the biggest arms in the game, broke Wiggins record in 2014 with an amazing distance of 863.5 ft.

The duo went out this week, along with about 16 other competitors, to the High Desert Distance Challenge in Primm, Nevada in hopes of reaching the seemingly elusive 900 ft barrier. Neither of them could have ever imagined what the week would soon bring them. The first day brought the spotlight on Simon for crushing a 903 ft drive! The internet went nuts and it looked like that record would hold for quite some time due to great wind conditions. The wind caused quite the stir online which sparked the debate if records should be considered when winds are that high. Most of the online forums like Reddit’s disc golf sub seemed to be divided on the issue with the majority leaning towards the support of Simon’s throw counting. Even Avery Jenkins and Scott Stokely weighed in on the issue on their social media pages.

We were so blown away with Simon breaking the 900 ft barrier that many people though Wiggins Jr was kidding when he posted that he had broken 1,100 ft less than 24 hours later. But Innova and the event organizer shortly confirmed the distance as legitimate. Dave Wiggins new record of 1,108 ft is absolutely nuts! Simon also broke the 1000 ft mark by throwing his Blizzard Boss 1030 ft shortly after David.

At the time of Dave Wiggins Jr’s throw the wind was calculated to be around 38-42 miles an hour which obviously helped crush the old record but even then this is no small accomplishment. There’s a reason why these two players are some of the longest throwers regardless of the wind conditions. You don’t just toss a disc up and hope it carries over the length of three football fields. You have to read the wind, choose the right disc, control your 360 drive, put it at the right height, release at the correct angle, follow though, and have it all in sync to do what they do. It requires endless practice to be ready to take advantage of conditions and opportunities when they arise.

Congrats to these two players for pushing the limits of our sport. We all look forward to seeing 1,200ft soon.

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