Gear Review: Prodigy Practice Bag

The Prodigy practice bag is one of the most simple and most useful “accessories” on the disc golf market for disc storage and transportation. I’m actually quite surprised that we haven’t seen a similar products from their competitors yet.

If you’re like, and I know most of you are, you have way more discs than can fit in you bag. I currently have two filled bags as well as two boxes full (about 65 discs total) and that is nothing compared to some of the collections I have seen. Most of us have them scattered all over tables, in boxes, in the trunk of you car, and inevitably on your floors. Organization is impossible and finding the discs you need becomes a chore. Not anymore though.Disc_Golf_Practice_Bag_or_Fly_Mart_Bag_Black__94351.1457525000.800.800

“The  Prodigy Practice Bag is the most space sensitive disc bag available. It holds up to 45 Drivers or up to 30 Putters. The double-zippered top allows for easy access and the rigid insert will keep the bag straight even when filled to capacity. Going to practice or setting up at a fly mart has never been easier. The Practice Bag is the most efficient use of space for transporting large quantities of discs or for just keeping your trunk clean.”

The bag is made of highly durable material and is sure to last you a long time given Prodigy’s reputation for quality. No more having to choose which discs to take to practice due to the very large capacity and it even comes in various colors. Keep your significant other or roommates happy and your discs protected. Check the prodigy site for more info and to find a retailer near you. Click here for Prodigy’s site


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