Discgolfshops.com is a page for disc golfers by disc golfers. We believe that finding stores that sell disc golf gear shouldn’t be as hard as it is, so we’re here to fix that.  You’re more likely to find us hitting up local courses and tournaments rather than doing anything else. So what better way to spread the word about our site than by starting a team?  DGS team members not only have to be talented players but must also be true ambassadors of the sport. You will consistently find them at local leagues, tournaments, volunteering at events, and serving the community on and off the course. Be sure to say hi when you see us!

Meet The Team:


Johnny Lamotte

PDGA #39929

Started Playing: I started playing back when I was 14 when Greenway Park first opened their disc golf course. I remember going out there and playing with my ultimate Frisbee disc until I found a red DX Firebird. Once I found that I kept playing and eventually got hooked!

Favorite Course: My favorite course would have to be Blue Lake. It is a very well maintained course with some monster holes and also some shorter holes for some easy birdie chances. I love Blue Lake because it gives you so many variety of shots (Similar to Milo one of my other favorites).  Make sure not to throw OB!

Favorite Pro: My favorite pro since I was little has always been Nate Doss. He is such a great guy and I love how he plays the game of disc golf. I also love my man Berry Schultz because we throw a lot of the same discs!

Division: I play in the pro/Open division as of this year!

In the Bag:

Putters: I putt with Wizards. I love the feel of them and they fly pretty straight.

Mids:  I throw dx rocs and roc 3’s mostly.

Fairways: I LOVE my leopards. Leopards are my go to fairway drivers! I also throw Eagles.

Drivers: for distance I throw destroyers, for variety of different shots I throw beasts, and for straight shots I throw my Ace race Zombie.

Tournaments: My favorite tournament is the “Hab rec” tournament out in Milo. You get to play Milo with the beaver state fling Layout and it is just a lot of fun! The tournament I am most looking forward to this year is “the Lynx” down in South Eugene. It is a great tournament and you get to crush some drives on a golf course how cool is that!

Home Course: You can call me a “Greenway Kid” because I was born and raised at Greenway Park! Though many people bash it, at one point in time it was actually a great course and taught me a variety of skills.

Extra: Respect the game!


Chris Nelson

PDGA #78697
Started playing: Started in 2007 but didn’t start playing regularly until 2013 and did not start playing tournaments until this current year
Favorite course: Milo McIver. Great mix of 27 open long holes and tight shorter technical holes, plus beautiful scenery wherever you go.
Favorite Pro: Probably Nate Sexton, I haven’t met very many pros yet, but I did get a chance to sit down with Nate and he was an all around superb guy. Not too shabby of a disc golfer either.
Division: Played mostly MA1 but am now moving to MPO in my next few tourneys
In the Bag:
       Putters: XD’s, McPro Aviars and a Harp
        Mids: Buzzz’s, Classic Rocs and Roc3’s
         Fairways: Teebirds, Eagles and FD
          Drivers: Star Destroyers are my go to for bombs, also carry Thunderbird’s, PD’s, Firebirds and an SL
Tournaments: Looking forward to playing in the Lynx tournament this year, but my favorite tournament is either the BSF or the USDGC
Home course: Greenway Park in Beaverton, Oregon
Extra: #respectthegame

Parker Stidham

PDGA #78261


Started Playing: I started playing disc golf sophomore year of high school (2012), after being introduced to the game by my math teacher at school, Brian Bertram. After a couple of afternoon rounds, I was hooked. I started buying all my own discs and bags and started to playing in the Disc Golf Or Die Monday night league shortly after, and soon enough I was competing in large tournaments.

Favorite Course: My favorite course that I have the privilege to play is Milo McIver in Estacada, Oregon. I will never get tired of playing Milo, and I look forward to every single round I get to play there, causal or during a tournament. At Milo, you have the opportunity to throw every shot in the game, and you are forced to accurately hit every kind of line in order to be successful, and there are plenty of shots that allow you to open up the arm. Not to mention, the surroundings in the foothills of the Cascades are some of the most beautiful.

Favorite Pro: My favorite professional disc golfer is Paul McBeth as his demeanor and passion for the game is unmatched. He is arguably the best to ever play the game, and he is only getting better. I try to emulate his playing style as much as possible when on the course, and much of my own game is based on how he is competing. Paul is becoming an excellent ambassador for the sport, and I always enjoy tracking his success and growth in the game.

Division: I am starting out the summer season in men’s advanced for the earlier tournaments to see how the first competitions go, and hopefully transfer into Open further into the season, but no later than the start of next summer.
In the Bag:
-3 Innova KC Pro Aviars of various wear for putting
-1 Innova Star Colt
-1 Innova Star Stud
-1 Westside VIP Harp

-3 Innova KC Pro Rocs
-1 Innova Champion Roc3
-1 Innova Champion Metal Flake Roc3
-1 Innova Glow Champion Gator

-2 Innova Champion Teebirds
-1 Innova Star Eagle
-1 Innova Champion Leopard 3

-1 Innova Champion Firebird
-1 Innova Champion Metal Flake Thunderbird
-1 Innova Champion Thunderbird
-2 Innova Champion Orcs
-1 Innova Champion Sidewinder
-5 Innova Star Destroyers
-1 Innova Champion Destroyer
Tournaments: My favorite tournament I have played in so far is the Collegiate National Championships in North Augusta, South Carolina. It is the biggest PDGA event held, with over 300 players, and nothing gets me more excited than playing in a major. Getting to meet players and schools from around the country is such a cool experience and I can’t wait to go back next year to compete for Portland State University.

The tournament I’m looking forward to the most is the Rose City Open at Pier Park. It’s not often that golfer get to take part in a tournament at Pier Park, but when they do, it is one heck of a time. Pier Park is a Portland disc golf staple, and I can’t wait to put my skills to the test and represent DGS there against Portland’s best.
Home Course: Lunchtime disc golf course in Portland.
Extra: I can’t wait to work hard with DGS this year and play some great golf!


Mat Elzinga

PDGA #36851

Started Playing: I started playing disc golf the summer of 2008 when a park by my house installed a new course. I enjoyed it so much I played almost every day that summer! Once I got to high school, I stopped disc golf and did not pick the sport up again until my senior year in college. Disc golf is one of the most fun sports I have ever played, and I look forward to competing for years to come.

Favorite Course: My favorite course is Blue Lake in Fairview, Oregon. Not only is it the most professional course I have played, but it is also the most fun too! Blue Lake has many par 4s and 5s, so I enjoy the challenge of throwing long and accurate bombs.

Favorite Player: My favorite professional player is Nate Sexton. Nate is a fellow Oregon State alumni, which is where I met him for the first time as he visited our disc golf club that he started. Nate is one of the nicest guys you will meet and an outstanding disc golf teacher. He also happens to be one of the top 10 disc golfers in the world. I love watching his wicked forehand and crazy accurate Dart shots.

Division: Currently, I play most tournaments as an advanced player. As my skill and confidence levels have increased, I’m slowly testing the professional waters. But for right now, I play MA1.

In the Bag: The P1 is my go-to-putter for anything inside and right outside the circle. I also use the P2 for putter forehand, upshots, and drives. I use the champion and McPro Roc3s for my midrange discs. I use the Thunderbird, Orc, and Firebird for fairway drives as well as longer drives. And I use the Boss, Destroyer, and DD for distance drivers.

Tournaments: I’m most looking forward to playing the Beaver State Fling in June. This will be the biggest tournament I have played in. Plus, it will be awesome throwing Milo as it is one of the best courses in the world!

Home Course: My home course is Greenway Park. I would recommend throwing it at least once!

Extra: Disc golf is one of the best sports out there! It’s growth the past few years has been remarkable, so I cannot wait to see where the sport will be in the next 5 to 10 years!



Kyle Groff

PDGA #74912

Started: I started playing 10 years ago, but didn’t take the game seriously until 6 years ago when I moved to Portland full time.

Favorite Course: Järva Discgolfpark in Stockholm Sweden. Every inch of the property is mowed, landscaped, and maintained to perfection. It is without question the most beautiful disc golf course I have ever seen. There is also a driving range, pro shop, restaurant, and a short warm-up course on site. The whole place reeks of professionalism. I sincerely hope this kind of complex is what the future of disc golf has in store.
The course design is fantastic as well. There are plenty of long par 4s, a couple technical short holes, a top of the world bomb, and changing elevation all throughout the course. The well maintained fairways mean rollers are an option on nearly every hole. However, misplaced shots mean you won’t have a good look at a putt or approach on your second shot due to the dense birch trees throughout the course. So your roller or air shot has to finish where you want it in order to score well.

Favorite Pro: Ricky Wysocki. He has every shot in his bag. He has shown great command over backhands, forehands, rollers, and I’m sure he could throw overhands if he needed to. Not to mention he may be the best putter in the world. His game allows him to stand over each shot and choose the type of throw that has the highest chance of success rather than forcing something he’s uncomfortable with. That’s a huge advantage.

I hope he continues to get more comfortable with his mental game and start winning some major titles. I don’t want to take anything away from Paul McBeth, but sports are more fun to watch when competitors are close and the outcome is up in the air.

Division: Advanced
In the Bag:

Distance Drivers
Innova Destroyer:
Most Over Stable to Most Understable
Star – 175 Grams – New – Factory 2nd
Star – 175 grams – Used
Star – 171 grams – Used – Paul Mcbeth Grandslam stamp
G-star – 168 grams – Beat
Echostar – 171 grams – Beat

Westside World:
Decodye – 174 g – Used
VIP – 171 – Used

Control Drivers
Innova Firebird:
Colorglow – 175 grams – Portland State Stamp
Discmania PD:
Metal Flake – 175 g – New
C Line – 171 g – Used

Dynamic Discs Escape:
Fusion – 174 g – Used (I prefer Lucid or Moonshine in this mold. The fusion I have is a little flippy but working for now)
Fairway Drivers
Innova Teebird:
Champion – 175 g – New
Star – 175 g – Very used

Latitude 64 River:
Gold line – 175 g – Used

Innova Gator:
Star – 175 grams – Used

Innova Roc3:
Champion – 180 g – Used

Innova Roc:
DX Glow – 180 g – Used
XT – 180 g – Beat
DX – 180 g – Beat

Westside Harp:
BT Hard – 175 g – Used
BT Medium – 175 g – Beat

Innova Aviar:
KC Pro – 175 g – Used
KC Pro – 175 g – Beat

Latitude 64 Mercy:
BT Medium – 175 g – Used
BT Medium – 175 g – Used
BT Medium – 175 g – Beat

Tournaments: The Rose City Open
Home Course: Lunchtime and Pier Park